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Sefton Selective Licensing

Selective Licensing Sefton Council

So here we go again Selective Licensing Sefton. Unlike Liverpool City Council which delivered a City Wide scheme much to our disapproval as there really was no evidence in support of such a scheme – Sefton are using the scheme as intended and have selected areas of their Borough. However, we think the scheme is expensive!

What areas does it effect – please click this link for the streets the scheme will impact which appears to be the Derby, Linacre & Litherland wards;

If you have a property in any of these street you will require a license.

How much will it cost?

The full list of fees is shown in the table below. Landlords may apply for a reduced level of fee and can choose one discount from either having their property accredited (within the first 6 months of the scheme), where the licence holder is a Sefton accredited managing agent or where landlords make an early bird application (within first 3 months of the scheme).   

Selective Licensing


£ Annual Equivalent

£ Weekly Equivalent

  Full Fee








 Accredited Managing Agent (licence holder)




  Early Bird




In addition to the above fee, individual properties that have 7 or more units (e.g. flats, bedsits, bedrooms) within it will incur an additional fee as shown in the table below, this is per property and not per unit.

  In addition :


  7-12 units


  13-20 units


  21+ units



We have asked about a co-regulation scheme and await their response.


When does it start?

It has started now: On 21st September 2017, the Council approved the designation of a selective licensing scheme for all privately rented properties within parts of Bootle.

The designation came into effect on 1 March 2018 and will last for a period of 5 years up until 28 February 2023. If your property is within the Selective Licensing area you will need to apply for a Housing Licence before 1st September 2018.

What should I do now?

Check to see if your property is in one of the wards Derby, Linacre or Litherland by clicking the street names impacted link.

If you are impacted it will be financially beneficial to select one of two items.

  1. Join the accreditation scheme for a discount.
  2. Use the Early Bird offer for a discount.

Please note terms & conditions apply with the accredited scheme see this link;


For further reading please click this link;


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