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Well, it's that time of year again when we rush around preparing for the New Year and the last thing we consider is that leaky pipe that we meant to report but never quite got around too.

The risk is of course that it bursts over the New Year.

Small leaks and many other issues not reported can become big problems and this article is one part prevention and a second part recovery.

Did you know our new on-line website actually details exactly what you should do for a multitude of issues we as experienced agents have had to deal with over the years since 2003 when helping our tenants.

Try typing in "gas" and see what's happens?

You know you can use this service for immediate responses for all kinds of things relating to maintenance and your tenancy.

Try it and test us - have we missed out something really obvious - let us know by using the web chat.

Here a few obvious things you can do that will help you get through the New Year period maintenance FREE.

1/ Keep you electricity meter & gas meter topped up. Did you know many tenants report problems trying to reignite their boilers after their credit has ran out.

2/ Keep the water pressure topped up on your gas boiler it should be at 1:5 bars. Your boiler will cut out if you do not do so; even if your meter is topped up.

3/ Remember you have a 240v electrical ring main and the more appliances you put on the ring main the more voltage is being used and it will likely trip the board. The board can be reset if you’re unsure how to do so type in "board tripping" and it will tell you how to reset it.

If you are not sure how to do any of these things please use the frequently Q&A on the above link for E.g. Type "water pressure" and you will get your answer.

So have a Happy New Year.

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