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Hi, my name is John Bullock Director of City Lets & City Sales Liverpool Property Consultants and I want to work with you to achieve the greatest return on your investment. 

What we do for YOU-:
I am an investor, a property owner and I UNDERSTAND the sweat and hard work it has taken to get to this point. I UNDERSTAND what it has taken to get here and that right now you need a good rent paying tenant at the market rate. I understand you need advice about licensing and compliance issues and that you may have concerns over income tax if you are a higher rate taxpayer.

Well, I am definitely the right Property Consultant for you. I can advise and I have advised on repairs, improvements, environmental orders, joint ventures, acquisitions, business structures and taxation. 

As a practising accountant, I am advising FREELY for signed up members on business structures to mitigate taxation and specifically on measures recently introduced by the ex-Chancellor Osborne and his restriction on mortgage interest relief.

To obtain the advice FREE simply sign and return the NonDisclosure Agreement
Why - because tax lawyers are charging thousands for this advice using complicated structures. I have a very Easy and Effective mechanism that conforms to all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Mostly it will save you money.
You will also require an up to date management agreement or as we are calling them now "Membership Agreement". Again we are doing this in your best interest.
Simply signs and return the two documents to me ASAP and I will contact you directly. 
Lastly, I enclose this article regarding licensing because sooner or later Liverpool City Council will issue proceedings against a landlord that has failed to License. Please IMMEDIATELY COMMENCE the application process if you have not started it. If you need help please call us and we can help you. 

if you have any questions you can email me today at

The following article was reported by letting agent today:

A landlord that continually refused to sign up to a council’s selective licensing regime has been found guilty by the courts once again and fined more than £4,000.

Sajid Bashir has made a further appearance at Sheffield Magistrates Court; this comes after being fined in August 2015 for failing to licence six properties. 

Sheffield council took prosecution action against Bashir for falsely claiming a seventh property was exempt from the licensing scheme.

The court heard that Bashir had attempted to avoid paying the licence fee by saying tenants of his property were close family members. The court found that there was no qualifying exemption and found Bashir guilty.

He was issued with a fine of £1,200, as well as the prosecution costs of £3,059 and a victim surcharge of £120 totalling £4,379. The court gave him 28 days to pay.

“This man has continuously failed to meet his responsibilities and comply with the law. This has been recognised once again in the courts” says a spokeswoman for the council.

“Other landlords in the area are working positively with us. Yet for more than two years Mr. Bashir has been spending his time arguing with us about what he should be doing, instead of putting his time and energy into fulfilling his landlord obligations.”

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